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September Mid-Month Update

Here's the 3 biggest indicators this month that point towards a massive move in crypto over the next 3 years.

1. Fed Cuts Rates Again

image (1).png

Historically most recessions are preceded/coincide with interest rate cuts. Just look at the graph below. This week we had our second interest rate cuts this year, which are the first two interest rate cuts since the big recession in 2008. US President Trump goes as far as recommending interest rates of "0% or less".

2. The European Central Bank Starts Quantitative Easing


The European Central Bank not only lowered interest rates to -.5% this month, but it went as far as approving a stimulus plan that will be printing 20 billion euros a month which will be used to buy back government debt.

3. Bitcoin finds stability in preparation of next rally

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 2.59.40 PM.png

Bitcoin appears to have frozen in time over the past 4 months as it has found pause at around $10,000. This is exactly what we predicted in June, as bitcoin continues to follow its historical patterns. Bitcoin is likely to find it's next level at $17,000 before breaking the all-time highs after the halving in early Q2 2020. We have every reason to believe that a scarce asset like bitcoin will thrive in a global recessionary period when individuals will seek ways to shelter their wealth from inflation, negative interest rates, and capital levy.

Felix Hartmann