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Digital assets are an important emerging asset class.

Digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have earned their spot in many institutional portfolios at an ever growing rate. A digital asset allocation can fulfill both the high-risk/high-return profile some investors seek, due to their positioning as an early stage technology with enormous potential, while it can also provide a hedge as a safe-haven asset due to its negative correlation with traditional assets. Investing in crypto assets, however, requires the application of public market investment techniques, plus access to and understanding of venture-stage tech investing. This dynamic landscape demands active portfolio management and flexible investment strategies.

Hartmann Digital Assets specializes in crypto asset management.

The Hartmann Digital Assets team has been studying, building, investing in, and trading digital assets long before most of today’s digital assets ever existed. With our unmatched expertise as one of the first 100 Digital Assets Hedge Funds in the world, we seek to produce superior market beating returns from investment in crypto assets and Distributed Ledger Technology opportunities.

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Felix O. Hartmann

Managing General Partner

Before founding Hartmann Digital Assets in 2018, Hartmann had spent the past 6 years as an active trader in equities, derivatives, and crypto-assets. After discovering the potential of digital assets he has immersed himself in the space as an investor, thought-leader and builder.

Investor: Hartmann has made notable early angel investments, such as Everipedia.org in 2016, which now is one of the most actively used blockchains in the world and has since surpassed the $100mn valuation threshold.

Thought-leader: Hartmann is regularly quoted by the media on crypto-assets, decentralization, and blockchain and has spoken at industry events in the US, Europe, and Asia. He’s been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, and the Verge, and has spoken at events such as Blockchain Connect, Blockchain Beach, the Yale Club, and more.

Builder: Hartmann is often sought out as a crypto economics expert to help startups and legacy institutions find ways to leverage blockchain technology and crypto assets. Clients have ranged from Tim Draper backed startups like CrowdForce to multi-billion dollar merchant banks like Forbes & Manhattan. Hartmann was also one of only 130 individuals selected to be part of the first Ethereum Developer Academy sponsored by Ethereum founder Joseph Lubin.




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Service Providers

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Fund Auditor & Tax Preparer

“As a public accounting firm with hundreds of Alternative Investment clients in over 40 states, and relationships with many of the top service providers and specialists in the country, Richey May has a depth of specialized knowledge that few firms can claim.We serve alternative investment clients that range in size from $1M to $4.2B.”

“Richey May is included among the Top Auditors of Hedge Funds in 2017 and 2018, as ranked by Hedge Fund Alert. Richey May was also ranked by Convergence as a top 15 Private Fund Auditor.”


Fund Administrator

“Since 1978 our experienced independent professional team has forged a hard-earned reputation for providing a highly responsive personal service, backed by uncompromising attention to detail. That’s why over 500 funds worldwide, with AUM exceeding $35bn, select us to support them.”

“Trident Trust has again been named a Global Outperformer for hedge fund administration in Global Custodian’s annual survey of fund administrators and also ranked as a Global Outperformer for private equity fund administration.”

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Banking Partner

TD Bank, N.A., is a U.S. national bank and subsidiary of the Canadian multinational Toronto-Dominion Bank. It’s parent company has a history that goes back all the way to the 1850’s, and currently holds over 1.2 Trillion CAD in assets. TD Bank, N.A. is FDIC insured and US based.


Law Firm

“Located in New York City, Riveles Wahab LLP is boutique securities, corporate and investment law matters law firm with a focus on crypto and blockchain companies and funds. RW represents over fifty crypto/digital asset focused funds pursuing a diverse set of strategies in the space with managers inside and outside the U.S.”



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