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The Next 5 Years in Bitcoin: Part 1 - Halvings

Halvings are likely the most anticipated events in bitcoin, next to hard-forks. It has become a common assumption that a Halving equals the beginning of a new bull run and significant price appreciation in the short run. In this paper we aim to dive into the price action data behind Halvings, and establish patterns and trends that prove to be consistent and repeatable.

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2019 Market Update 008 - July in Review

The Bottomline: 

There is an old saying by Gandhi. It goes: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."  

Up until 2013 Bitcoin was ignored. 

Up until 2017 Bitcoin was laughed out of any room.

Now the fight has begun. Two years ago it was unimaginable that Bitcoin would take center stage in politics, with the house, senate, treasury, federal reserve, and even US president commenting on digital currencies within the span of 30 days. We have hit a tipping point, and it is fair to say there is no going back now. The Bitcoin train has left the station, and while it is riding down a bumpy road there is really just one destination. Our past predictions of interest cuts, inverted yield curves, and a 2019 macro reversal all have come true. The biggest years for Bitcoin may be right ahead of us. We look forward to sharing our first in-depth multi-page bitcoin research report with you the coming weeks. 

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